Hello 35!

9-12-15 – What better way to kick off my 35th birthday weekend than with a 5k race? Found a race not far from home, put on the most colorful outfit I could findΒ  and decided to go for it! It was a warm day and I was not sure what to expect, but I promised myself no matter what I would Never Give Up and that is exactly what this girl did! I earned myself 1st place in my age group; earning my 1st running trophy! I couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off 35! Age is just a number! You can do anything you dream of! Dream. Believe. Achieve.


Belmar Five

7-11-15 “In this world; there is no force equal to the strength of a determined woman.” This race meant a lot to me as it would be the day I would earn my 40th medal! However, one day before this race I was told by my doctor that I had a sesamoid stress fracture in my right foot (my 2nd stress fracture). Of course; the crazy runner that I am… my 1st questions was “does this mean I can’t run?” My doctor told me that running on it would not make it worse, but I definitely needed to take 2 full weeks off of running! I decided to run the race at a comfortable pace and earn medal number 40! I ran the race at a comfortable 41:47 and took the next 2-3 weeks completely off from running. I focused on strength training ; doing everything I could to keep myself strong so I could soon be healthy enough to run!

Queens 10k – NYRR

6-21-15 – Queens 10k – My 2nd year running this race! Hello Citi Field; home of the New York Mets! That alone makes this race AWESOME! Met a friend at the starting line; was so glad to have my hubby there to cheer me on! It was another HOT one so my friend and I decided to just have fun and enjoy the course! Earned my 39th medal and put another race in the books! Great miles with a great friend!

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NYRR Oakley Mini 10k

6-13-15 This was a HOT one! Humid and sticky! I decided not to all out race and just have fun with it! Another race and 6.2 happy miles in the books! Finished at 8:04/mile earning my 38th medal and got to see many great friends and family at the finish line! A great day in my book!