TCS NYC Marathon – “A Race Like No Other”

11-1-15 TCS NYC Marathon; my 9th marathon was unlike any other. I suddenly lost my sister 3 days prior to the marathon and decided to run it in memory of her. In the months leading up to race day; I was soo excited that she was planning to be there at the finish line that day. She had secretly planned to have my whole family there to surprise me. I decided I had to run because that is what she would have wanted me to do and I wanted her to see me run NYC. I ran 26.2 miles in memory of my beautiful, amazing sister. I knew it was going to be soo tough. I promised myself I would not put pressure on myself to run a certain time because my sister was never the competitive type so I ran watch-less. She ran, but never raced. I ran with no music because I wanted this race to be dedicated to her. I promised my parents I wouldn’t push myself. As we ran; I thought about all the amazing, unforgettable times we had together. I stopped to hug and cry with friends I saw along the course , met friends before the race for lots of hugs. A big thank you to our friends Diana and Rob for coming out to cheer me on and for making me an amazing “Dream. Believe. Achieve. sign. As I ran I gave high fives to kids on the course and took it all in. I broke down a few times while running but never gave up. My legs felt so strong today I know my sister was right there looking over me.  I crossed the finish in 3:56:26 and I know my sister would be so proud of me for never giving up!


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