Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot


11-26-15 – Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and believe it or not; my 1st ever!! It was a rough month and I knew the first holiday without my sister would be extremely tough. My sister in law;  @jessrunshappy and I decided to do a local Turkey Trot. She found these AWESOME turkey hats and fun socks for her to wear! Our only goal for this race was just to have fun and that is exactly what we did! We chatted, we laughed and we ran the 3.1 miles side by side! We crossed the finish line holding hands and all smiles! Running is a metaphor for life; there are ups and downs; good times and bad! In the end; it’s about who is by your side and there to help you through the toughest of times but also there to put a smile on your face ! Thank you Jess! Definitely a race I will never forget!






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