Ted Corbitt 15K – A 15K PR

12-12-15 – My 3rd year running the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park! My goal was to go out there have fun and run for my sister! That day; I secretly wanted to beat my 2013′ and 2014’times and wanted more than anything to make my sister proud! I have only run 3 15k’s; all in Central Park in this same race. I made sure I fueled properly leading up to the race; got to sleep early the night before and  arrived to Central Park bright and early to pick up my race bib. It was a warm morning (in the low 60’s) and felt nothing like a typical December in NYC should!

Hubby wished me luck and I headed over to my corral; I put on my IPOD and within minutes we were off. The start was a little crowded so I paced myself until I could get a comfortable pace. I felt great! I kept looking down at my watch and thinking ” I can do this!” “I will do this for my sister!” As I came to each challenging hill Central Park is known for; I pushed through. I thought about my amazing sister and how no matter what obstacles came her way; she always found a way to get through! I gave it everything I had that day and guess what? I did it!! I crossed the finish line if 1:15:42!! A 2 minute PR from 2014′ and nearly a 3 minute PR from 2013′! I couldn’t believe it!

I was so thankful that I could get out there and run one of my last races of a very tragic/challenging year with a new 15k PR. I dreamed, I believed and I achieved. I hope that I made my sister proud that day! Every race, every mile I dedicate to my sister!


A big thank you to this guy; my hubby (my biggest supporter) for all of his support in everything that I do no matter how crazy it may be! This is how he keeps busy while I’m racing; photographing what he finds interesting. 🙂



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