Toys for Tots 5k – A Jolly Good Time

12-13-15 – It’s not often I run a race 2 times in one weekend, but this weekend I made the exception. This weekend; I had the opportunity to run a 5k with my sister in law! I never did a holiday fun run before and never dressed up for a race so I knew this would be a different experience! My sister in law purchased the fun socks and hats for our Thanksgiving run so this time it was my turn to shop for all the goodies! I headed to the local Five and Below store and found so many fun props for our race from socks to glasses with reindeer antlers and red noses; SO FUN!!


We arrived to the race bright and early all dressed and ready to Run Jolly!

me n jess

We found our spots at the starting line; secured our red noses (mine kept slipping off my nose and over my mouth, lol) and we were off!

We ran the whole race side by side; we laughed, we chatted, we sang to the Christmas music playing on the course and we just enjoyed every step.


A big thank you to Damian and Mike; our hubby’s for getting up early and for being there to cheer us on!


Thank you guys for sharing this experience with me and for bringing cheer my way through a tough holiday season! Jess I can’t wait for our next adventure! 🙂

Have you done a fun run? Do you run in costume? What has your favorite holiday themed race been? Please share. 🙂



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