NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10k – 1st Race of 2016′

1-9-16 – Goodbye 2015′! A new year = new goals right? Thanks to this blizzard; I have officially caught up on my race recaps! Woohoo! My first race of the year; Joe Kleinerman 10k! It would be my 3rd year running this race and since running my 1st half marathon in Central Park in 09′ Central Park still remains one of my favorite places to run! It holds a special place in my heart as it is where I found my love of running! 🙂 My sister in law; Jess & her cousin; Heather had planned to run this year and were nice enough to ask if my hubby and I wanted to drive into the city with them! Of course we accepted; who would pass up hanging out with family/friends prior to a race? That morning I set my alarm clock for 3:30am (yes! 3:30am) got ready and we headed in the dark to my sis in law & brother in laws house to wait for Heather who would pick us up at 5am sharp! Heather arrived; the five of us got into the “Kleinerman Kab”and we were NYC bound! We arrived around 5:45am; grabbed a cab and headed to Central Park. Mike and Jess’ cab took them the wrong way, but they arrived just minutes later ready to head to the bib pick-up with us! The new year brought some changes to NYRR as far as bibs go. We were able to get on any line; show them the e-mail sent to us, they scanned it and gave us our bibs 1 – 2 – 3! No long lines; no waiting = just PERFECT! We found a spot on the grass; put on all of our running tech. from Garmins to Ipods and just chatted as we shivered in the chillier temps!

Central Park

The start time grew closer and we decided it was time to head over to the start! We made our last minute potty stops and we headed over to our corrals! I was in Corral D and Jess and Heather in L so I gave them hugs and good lucks & we lined up with the other runners. The Star Spangled Banner was played; important announcements were made and we were off! The start was a bit crowded so I used this time to just pace myself and find a comfortable pace! It kept me from flying out too fast and for that I was thankful! A half mile into mile 1 I found a comfortable pace and I was cruising. At that point averaging about a 7:40 pace. My only goal for this race; as with every race that I run these days is to run for my sister! As I raced; I just focused on enjoying each step and not worrying so much about the pace on my watch! I cruised up the hills feeling much stronger than I expected; I used the downhill to my advantage and just took in the beauty of Central Park. At mile 5 we came to an uphill; I pushed through strong as I repeated to myself “You’ve got this!” I got the top of the hill and there I was greeted by the downhill (YAY!) with just one mile left! I was determined; I looked down at my watch and knew this was going to be a decent race for me so I kicked it into high gear! I saw the finish line and I kicked it up another notch; I crossed the finish line; looked down at my watch to see that last kick through the finish was a 7:05/mile! I finished the race in 48:35 & was so proud! This meant a lot to me for one because I ran a strong race “Miles for Melissa” for my sister. I ran a pace that I haven’t been able to hit since before my stress fracture in early 2014′. I was proud of the way I conquered those challenging hills! Finally I felt that all my hard work over the last 2 years is finally paying off and that made me proud!

I crossed the finish; found my hubby and brother in law! I grabbed some post race snacks from the kind volunteers and cheered on the other runners as we looked for Jess and Heather in the crowds of runners crossing the finish line! 🙂 I cheered and cheered & soon spotted Jess running to the finish! I tapped my brother in law on the arm “Jess is coming; here she comes!” I yelled and she crossed the finish line looking strong!! Congratulations on an AWESOME race Jess !! So proud of you!!


We all met after the race; congratulated one another and took pics (of course)!!

me, jess, heather

Then we picked up our race tees! I was worried that there wouldn’t be any sizes left since now tee shirts are picked up after the race, but it was just fine! 🙂 The shirts were an awesome color blue (my favorite color); it’s actually one of my favorite NYRR shirts and I run in it often!

joe k 10k

After the race I changed into warm, dry clothes and we started our walk back to the car. My one request after the race was a cup of hot coffee from Starbucks! I always crave a hot cup of coffee after a race! It was a beautiful day in the city; in the high 50’s! We walked down beautiful 5th Avenue and just chatted about the race; about are upcoming races and 2016′ goals!


We headed up to Columbus Circle and I suggested we stop at one of my favorite running stores; NYC Running Company! Of course the girls said “yes, let’s go!” We walked into the Shops at Columbus Circle; giggled going through the revolving doors and headed up to the running store! We shopped for a bit before heading to Starbucks so I could get my cup of coffee!! Just perfect! I sipped my coffee as we continued our walk back to Heather’s car! It turns out that according to the app on Jess’ phone we logged 15 miles that day (including our 10k race)! Great company + lots of laughs + a great race = another fantastic day in The Big Apple! Until next time NYC! 🙂


2 thoughts on “NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10k – 1st Race of 2016′

  1. Jess (JessRunsHappy) says:

    Love it! This was definitely one of my favorite racing experiences from start to finish, thank you for being a part of it! I can’t wait for this snow to melt so we can all go back into Central Park for another run! I saved the route directions in my phone so we can run “all downhill” again 😉 ❤

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