Miles for Melissa -January

In October 2015′  I suddenly lost my beautiful sister; my best friend. My sister was a runner herself. She never raced, but loved nothing more than running the beautiful trails or her favorite loop around town after work or on a Saturday morning. We logged many miles together and laughed so hard together on our runs! I miss that so much!  Today; every mile I log is in memory of my sister and every month I set aside a day where I ask the running community to join me in logging #milesformelissa ! She may no longer be here to run beside me, but I know she will forever be running beside me in spirit.

miles for melissa

Sadly today marks 3 months ago I lost my favorite running buddy, my best friend ; my beautiful sister. ❤ In November I started “Miles for Melissa ” as a way to remember my sister! In November and December combined the #runnerscommunity from all over the world amazingly logged nearly 900 miles in memory of my sister who was herself a runner. ❤ Everyday I am so thankful for all the love & support from each of you who continue to run with me in her memory! Please join me beginning today (1/29) through Sunday Runday 1/31 in logging “Miles for Melissa” ❤ Swimming, biking, walking… it all counts! Please use the #milesformelissa hashtag on Instagram so I can add up all the miles logged!! If you already ran today and would like to include your mileage; please comment below or on my Instagram with your total mileage. ❤ Please join me and let’s meet my goal of over 500 miles for Melissa for January! THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart, this truly means the world to me!



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