Miles for Melissa – February

feb miles

Sadly tomorrow will be 4 months since I lost my beautiful sister ; my best friend, my favorite running buddy. I would give anything in the world to run beside her again. I continue to run in her memory every single day ; I pray that she can see all that I am doing & I hope that I am making her proud & putting a smile on her face.  This month has been tough emotionally but I get out there and I push through each day for my sister. ❤ This weekend I again asked runners to join me Saturday 2/27 – Monday 2/29 in running, swimming , walking or biking in memory of my beautiful sister.  Last month many ran in groups, dedicated races/marathons to my sister and I truly can’t thank everyone enough for that. As a running community we logged 1,134 miles in January alone and over 2,000 miles since November when I started “Miles for Melissa ” on Instagram! Thank you to all who have already logged miles this weekend! There is one more day left; if you would like to log “Miles for Melissa” please use the hashtag #milesformelissa on Instagram. I will announce the total miles this week.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ❤

Mere @meretherunner14

Take Me Back to the Adirondacks – Skiing Lake Placid

“Take Me Back to the Adirondacks” I say as I think back to this epic weekend exactly one year ago! I had the honor of skiing in Lake Placid after winning the #seeforyourself challenge through The North Face! I was able to pick one person to join me on the winter excursion of my choice! Who would I take? My hubby , my sister? Neither me or my hubby had ever skied before! Hubby consulted with his doctor and due to his heart attach in 2013′; he was told not to try anything new that he hasn’t done before. We were so upset that he wouldn’t be able to join me. I asked my sister; due to working two jobs and going to school, sadly there was no way she could go. I thought about who I would take. My good friend Jill; who I know for over 20 years loved to ski and snowboard so I asked here to join me. The North Face organized everything for us! I chose my excursion; cross country skiing and mentioned that I would love to ski the Adirondacks and they made it happen! They sent us clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots etc; everything we needed to stay warm!

tnf locals.jpg

Read more about my epic adventure here:





Giveaway – Tiux Compression Socks & Water Bottle

One month from today I will run my 10th full marathon so on that note; it’s giveaway time!! I am a huge fan of Tiux Compression Socks! Whether I am heading out for 3 mile run or racing 26.2 miles; I don’t leave home without them! 🙂 This weekend; I am giving away a pair of Tiux Compression Socks & water bottle to one lucky runner! tiux

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Run. Jump. Go!! This contest runs away at 12am on Monday 2/22!! US and Canada Residents only. Winner will be announced Monday evening! Good luck everyone!!

Mere @meretherunner14




In It for The Long Run

Marathon training does not come without obstacles and in the end that is what makes crossing the finish line that much more rewarding! I am currently training for my 10th marathon and along with training for a Spring marathon comes weather challenges! Watching the weather and seeing snow or very cold weather in the forecast when I have a long run on my plan; one of my first thoughts is “Where will I do my long run?”  “Should I run outside despite the cold?” “Do I take my run to the treadmill?” This past weekend; that was the case! With negative wind chills; I had to make the decision whether to take my run inside or bundle up and take it outdoors! Here is how it went! Friday morning; I made the choice to take it to the treadmill. 5 miles with the final 2 fast 7:53, 7:52.


Saturday arrived; it was another cold one. I didn’t want to take my run to the treadmill again! I was determined to get back outside so I dressed in layers and decided to give it a go. 2 long sleeve Nike combat tops. a North Face jacket, fleece lined shorts with fleece lined pants, 2 pairs of socks, gloves and a hat!

I was warm and toasty and ended up logging 6 beautiful miles.


The view was just perfect! So glad I was able to get outside!

I watched the weather Saturday night and saw negative wind chills in the forecast for Sunday. There was no way I was braving the cold for 18 miles; to me it was just unsafe. I haven’t done a long run on the treadmill since training for Boston in 2013′, but I was determined to make this run happen no matter what! I packed up my fuel – GU the night before, had my waters ready in the fridge, had my breakfast made and ready for me on Sunday morning; I headed to bed early and set my alarm for 6am so I could get to the gym at 7am when the doors opened! I woke up at 6am; hubby uploaded all new music to my Ipod after I went to sleep (he’s the best) so that I would have enough music to get me through this 18 mile run! I ate my breakfast, put on all pink for Valentine’s Day, grabbed my fuel and headed off to the gym with all positive thoughts. 18 miles on the treadmill was not ideal, but it was what I needed to do so I was going to make it happen! I planned to start off at an easier pace then increase pace as the miles increased! I started off with miles 1-12 at a comfortable 8:25/mile, at miles 12 I received a text from a fellow runner also doing her 18 miler on the treadmill that gave me motivation to keep pushing through! I picked up the pace at mile 13 as planned; still feeling strong! 💪 Miles 13-15 at 8:20/mile ! My goal for this run was a fast finish and that is exactly what I did! Mile 16 at 8:10/mile, Mile 17 at 8:08/mile and mile 18 at 8:06/mile! I sprinted that last mile just envisioning myself crossing that finish line with a sub 3:40 earning my 4th BQ and it helped me give that extra little bit!!


I finished my 18 miler in 2:30:29! This run was definitely a test of mental toughness and I was so proud of myself for pushing through this treadmill run and never giving up! YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! 🙂

I finished this run just after 10am; headed home, stretched and spent the rest of the day with my Valentine! It was a great day!

my love

Have you taken your long run to the treadmill? What keeps you motivated on the treadmill? What keeps you warm on long winter runs?

Thank you for following my journey to marathon number 10!

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January Recap (154.58 Miles) – Marathon Training Check-In

Along with the kickoff of a new year came new goals for this girl. New goals; including my goal to put my 10th marathon in the books! When 2016′ began; I knew for sure I wanted to make this happen, although I had no idea which race I would be running. After running TCS NYC Marathon in November 2015′; I decided to try to maintain my endurance the best I could for when training started up again! After taking a few days off and not pushing myself until I felt 100% recovered. I maintained a distance of 10 miles on my Sunday long runs; hitting the trails


or running along my favorite beaches just enjoying every single step!


In fall 2015′; I entered a giveaway on Instagram; winning a free race of my choice through @RacePlace. I provided them with my top five choices and together; we chose the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon! 🙂 Just like that; I was it was official; I was training for my 10th marathon! Woohoo!! With just 12 weeks left to train; I wrote up the rest of my training plan! That Sunday; I hit the trails feeling determined and excited to be training for my 10th marathon / chasing my 4th BQ!

I knew that chasing my 4th BQ would take a bit more hard work this time around! It would mean adding in tough track workouts and more goal paced runs, but I was ready to do it! Winter weather – snow caused me to take many of my runs to the treadmill in January ; including some of my long runs and most of my speed workouts!


I hit the trails running through snow, but I refused to miss a run despite the weather.


I slowly began increasing my mileage every week. Taking my runs to different trails and beaches to keep it interesting as I’ve always done in the past!

I took my Thursday Tempo runs to the treadmill due to snow, ice and dark roads after work.


On January 24th; I was registered to run my 26th half marathon in Central Park! I was so excited as Central Park was the place where I ran my first ever race in 2009′. For that reason, running in Central Park is so special to me. That Friday night before the race; a big snowstorm hit and we got over 27 inches! The race was cancelled! I was disappointed, but determined to still run the 13.1 miles I had on my plan for that day! The plows cleaned up the streets well enough for us to get out on Sunday and many businesses opened up including my local gym. I decided to take my half marathon to the treadmill! This wouldn’t be my first long run on the treadmill as I did many of my training runs for The Boston Marathon on the treadmill a few years back! I went into this run with pure determination!


I completely surprised myself on this run; I was so glad to get in my half marathon and not miss my run despite the snow! Messy; snow covered roads kept me on the treadmill for many of my weekday run, but I was able to get back outside in time for my final January miles and that made this runner very HAPPY!


I took both my Saturday and Sunday runs to the beach to end January; ending January with 15 sunny, stunning miles with the ocean wind in my face!

I ended January with 154.58 miles logged and excited for February!

Week 1 in February I logged 44 miles and week 2 – 43 miles! Just 6 weeks until marathon number 10! I can’t wait! 🙂 February training recap coming soon..

Spring marathon training doesn’t come without weather challenges in this part of the country, but I am determined to keep following my plan! 🙂

Has winter weather affected your marathon training? Have you taken your long runs to the treadmill? Thoughts? Please share. 🙂

Thank you for following my journey!


January Miles For Melissa -The Running Community is Truly Amazing

Last week; I asked the running community to log “Miles for Melissa” for the 3rd month in a row since suddenly losing my sister in October! In November when I started “Miles for Melissa” we logged over 400 miles then again in December over 400 as well! This month; I had a goal of 500 miles and although I wasn’t quite sure if we would make it; I was dreaming big! I asked runners to use the hashtag on Instagram for every run between the dates of 1/29 – 1/31. Runners from all over the globe once again joined in running in groups, running through snow and rain, dedicating their races (marathons) to my sister! I am completely humbled by the number of runners that joined in this month! This month; together as a running community we completely exceeded my goal logging 1,137 miles!! There are no words to express how thankful I am for the kindness and support from runners all over the world! I will continue “Miles for Melissa” every month in memory of my beautiful sister who was a runner herself! Next run will be February 29th.