January Recap (154.58 Miles) – Marathon Training Check-In

Along with the kickoff of a new year came new goals for this girl. New goals; including my goal to put my 10th marathon in the books! When 2016′ began; I knew for sure I wanted to make this happen, although I had no idea which race I would be running. After running TCS NYC Marathon in November 2015′; I decided to try to maintain my endurance the best I could for when training started up again! After taking a few days off and not pushing myself until I felt 100% recovered. I maintained a distance of 10 miles on my Sunday long runs; hitting the trails


or running along my favorite beaches just enjoying every single step!


In fall 2015′; I entered a giveaway on Instagram; winning a free race of my choice through @RacePlace. I provided them with my top five choices and together; we chose the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon! 🙂 Just like that; I was it was official; I was training for my 10th marathon! Woohoo!! With just 12 weeks left to train; I wrote up the rest of my training plan! That Sunday; I hit the trails feeling determined and excited to be training for my 10th marathon / chasing my 4th BQ!

I knew that chasing my 4th BQ would take a bit more hard work this time around! It would mean adding in tough track workouts and more goal paced runs, but I was ready to do it! Winter weather – snow caused me to take many of my runs to the treadmill in January ; including some of my long runs and most of my speed workouts!


I hit the trails running through snow, but I refused to miss a run despite the weather.


I slowly began increasing my mileage every week. Taking my runs to different trails and beaches to keep it interesting as I’ve always done in the past!

I took my Thursday Tempo runs to the treadmill due to snow, ice and dark roads after work.


On January 24th; I was registered to run my 26th half marathon in Central Park! I was so excited as Central Park was the place where I ran my first ever race in 2009′. For that reason, running in Central Park is so special to me. That Friday night before the race; a big snowstorm hit and we got over 27 inches! The race was cancelled! I was disappointed, but determined to still run the 13.1 miles I had on my plan for that day! The plows cleaned up the streets well enough for us to get out on Sunday and many businesses opened up including my local gym. I decided to take my half marathon to the treadmill! This wouldn’t be my first long run on the treadmill as I did many of my training runs for The Boston Marathon on the treadmill a few years back! I went into this run with pure determination!


I completely surprised myself on this run; I was so glad to get in my half marathon and not miss my run despite the snow! Messy; snow covered roads kept me on the treadmill for many of my weekday run, but I was able to get back outside in time for my final January miles and that made this runner very HAPPY!


I took both my Saturday and Sunday runs to the beach to end January; ending January with 15 sunny, stunning miles with the ocean wind in my face!

I ended January with 154.58 miles logged and excited for February!

Week 1 in February I logged 44 miles and week 2 – 43 miles! Just 6 weeks until marathon number 10! I can’t wait! 🙂 February training recap coming soon..

Spring marathon training doesn’t come without weather challenges in this part of the country, but I am determined to keep following my plan! 🙂

Has winter weather affected your marathon training? Have you taken your long runs to the treadmill? Thoughts? Please share. 🙂

Thank you for following my journey!



4 thoughts on “January Recap (154.58 Miles) – Marathon Training Check-In

  1. Erika says:

    I find it really encouraging that you don’t shy from the treadmill. While we all wish we could run outside all the time, I see a lot of runners on Instagram running in icy/snowy conditions or alone at night, and I just don’t feel safe doing this. Nor do I want to slip and risk injury prior to my scheduled races just to appear more hardcore. I have no issue with taking my run to a treadmill as well more often in the winter, but get annoyed when other runners make faces or call it a dreadmill. I feel like my effort is being downplayed, but I don’t mind the treadmill at all. In fact, I actually think I push harder a lot of the time on my treadmill workouts to keep it interesting. That said, when I have more sunlight to work with and the weather’s better, I do run outside almost always. Unless there’s lightning in the summer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • MERETHERUNNER14 says:

      Thanks so much! Two years ago; I put Yaktrax on my sneakers, ran through ice and snow and weeks later ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. These days I don’t hesitate to take my run to the treadmill if the weather is too cold or the roads are snow covered. It doesn’t make me any less hardcore in my book! lol 😉


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