In It for The Long Run

Marathon training does not come without obstacles and in the end that is what makes crossing the finish line that much more rewarding! I am currently training for my 10th marathon and along with training for a Spring marathon comes weather challenges! Watching the weather and seeing snow or very cold weather in the forecast when I have a long run on my plan; one of my first thoughts is “Where will I do my long run?”  “Should I run outside despite the cold?” “Do I take my run to the treadmill?” This past weekend; that was the case! With negative wind chills; I had to make the decision whether to take my run inside or bundle up and take it outdoors! Here is how it went! Friday morning; I made the choice to take it to the treadmill. 5 miles with the final 2 fast 7:53, 7:52.


Saturday arrived; it was another cold one. I didn’t want to take my run to the treadmill again! I was determined to get back outside so I dressed in layers and decided to give it a go. 2 long sleeve Nike combat tops. a North Face jacket, fleece lined shorts with fleece lined pants, 2 pairs of socks, gloves and a hat!

I was warm and toasty and ended up logging 6 beautiful miles.


The view was just perfect! So glad I was able to get outside!

I watched the weather Saturday night and saw negative wind chills in the forecast for Sunday. There was no way I was braving the cold for 18 miles; to me it was just unsafe. I haven’t done a long run on the treadmill since training for Boston in 2013′, but I was determined to make this run happen no matter what! I packed up my fuel – GU the night before, had my waters ready in the fridge, had my breakfast made and ready for me on Sunday morning; I headed to bed early and set my alarm for 6am so I could get to the gym at 7am when the doors opened! I woke up at 6am; hubby uploaded all new music to my Ipod after I went to sleep (he’s the best) so that I would have enough music to get me through this 18 mile run! I ate my breakfast, put on all pink for Valentine’s Day, grabbed my fuel and headed off to the gym with all positive thoughts. 18 miles on the treadmill was not ideal, but it was what I needed to do so I was going to make it happen! I planned to start off at an easier pace then increase pace as the miles increased! I started off with miles 1-12 at a comfortable 8:25/mile, at miles 12 I received a text from a fellow runner also doing her 18 miler on the treadmill that gave me motivation to keep pushing through! I picked up the pace at mile 13 as planned; still feeling strong! 💪 Miles 13-15 at 8:20/mile ! My goal for this run was a fast finish and that is exactly what I did! Mile 16 at 8:10/mile, Mile 17 at 8:08/mile and mile 18 at 8:06/mile! I sprinted that last mile just envisioning myself crossing that finish line with a sub 3:40 earning my 4th BQ and it helped me give that extra little bit!!


I finished my 18 miler in 2:30:29! This run was definitely a test of mental toughness and I was so proud of myself for pushing through this treadmill run and never giving up! YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE! 🙂

I finished this run just after 10am; headed home, stretched and spent the rest of the day with my Valentine! It was a great day!

my love

Have you taken your long run to the treadmill? What keeps you motivated on the treadmill? What keeps you warm on long winter runs?

Thank you for following my journey to marathon number 10!


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