Take Me Back to the Adirondacks – Skiing Lake Placid

“Take Me Back to the Adirondacks” I say as I think back to this epic weekend exactly one year ago! I had the honor of skiing in Lake Placid after winning the #seeforyourself challenge through The North Face! I was able to pick one person to join me on the winter excursion of my choice! Who would I take? My hubby , my sister? Neither me or my hubby had ever skied before! Hubby consulted with his doctor and due to his heart attach in 2013′; he was told not to try anything new that he hasn’t done before. We were so upset that he wouldn’t be able to join me. I asked my sister; due to working two jobs and going to school, sadly there was no way she could go. I thought about who I would take. My good friend Jill; who I know for over 20 years loved to ski and snowboard so I asked here to join me. The North Face organized everything for us! I chose my excursion; cross country skiing and mentioned that I would love to ski the Adirondacks and they made it happen! They sent us clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots etc; everything we needed to stay warm!

tnf locals.jpg

Read more about my epic adventure here:







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