Miles for Melissa – February

feb miles

Sadly tomorrow will be 4 months since I lost my beautiful sister ; my best friend, my favorite running buddy. I would give anything in the world to run beside her again. I continue to run in her memory every single day ; I pray that she can see all that I am doing & I hope that I am making her proud & putting a smile on her face.  This month has been tough emotionally but I get out there and I push through each day for my sister. ❤ This weekend I again asked runners to join me Saturday 2/27 – Monday 2/29 in running, swimming , walking or biking in memory of my beautiful sister.  Last month many ran in groups, dedicated races/marathons to my sister and I truly can’t thank everyone enough for that. As a running community we logged 1,134 miles in January alone and over 2,000 miles since November when I started “Miles for Melissa ” on Instagram! Thank you to all who have already logged miles this weekend! There is one more day left; if you would like to log “Miles for Melissa” please use the hashtag #milesformelissa on Instagram. I will announce the total miles this week.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ❤

Mere @meretherunner14


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