FINALLY! A Pair of Leggings that Stay Up While I Run!

Has anyone ever found an absolutely adorable pair of running leggings only to put them on; head out for a run and end up pulling them up every half mile because they are literally falling off? Not staying in place? Just plain uncomfortable? Well that has been the case for this runner many, many times! I can recall race photos where I am actually tugging on my pants; pulling them up so they stay in place! I was so HAPPY when I finally had the opportunity to try out Dona Jo – Jo Jo Leggings! These leggings are not only super  CUTE; they are also moisture wicking and the BEST part —-they actually stayed up while I ran!!! Woohoo!!

Dona Jo Leggings come in sizes 1, 2 and 3!

  • Size 1 fits sizes 0 – 8
  • Size 2 fits sizes 10 – 14
  • Size 3 fits sizes 16 – 20

I ordered size 1 and they fit like they were made for me! I am wearing the “Airbrush” pattern and seriously love these pants! The moisture wicking material made them extremely comfortable and easy to move in!

Dona Jo – Jo Jo Leggings get an A + & thumbs up in my book!! I highly recommend these leggings to fellow runners and fitness enthusiasts! 🙂

Use promo code meretherunner14 at and receive 20% off your total purchase!!! Enjoy!! 🙂

dona jo




6 thoughts on “FINALLY! A Pair of Leggings that Stay Up While I Run!

  1. Erika says:

    OMG! I am so happy you posted this, I literally just purchased the new Kingdom design last night which I cannot wait to get and try on. I ordered a Size 1 too, but am nervous, cause I tend to be between sizes a lot and hate buying stuff online as it never fits right. 😦 But I guess worst case I’ll just return for a Size 2 if it’s too tight. I too have no luck finding leggings that stay up – Target tends to be the best LOL

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