On Saturday I headed to NYC bright & early to run the NYRR Mini 10K; one of my favorite races! This would be my 5th year running this race & although I had no time goals going into this race I was excited to once again join thousands of strong , inspiring women on a journey through central park.


My 1st Mini 10k – 2011′

This race brings empowering women of all ages from all over the country together & it is truly an amazing race!! Below with “fit chicks”  Haley & Sashea last year!

last yr.jpg

Last year’s Mini 10k 2015′

On Saturday; I arrived to the city around 6:45am. It was a beautiful morning!

nyc 1

Upon arriving to the park; I immediately picked up my race bib & made one last bathroom run! I chatted with some friends before taking my spot in corral D! I was so excited to hear that Desiree Lindon would be out there running; she is one of my ‘runspirations!’ Prior to the race; she was handed the microphone & wished everyone good luck before taking her spot at the start!! It was another hot day and although it wasn’t as humid as the Spring Lake Five 2 weeks ago; I decided to go into this race smart. I had no time goals; my only goals were to finish & stay safe in the heat (especially after my experience 2 weeks ago). I was even wearing my new New Balance shoes; straight out of the box – something I never do! I knew I wouldn’t be racing so I figured why not break them in a bit!!

nyc 15

I started the race slow; resisting the urge to fly into ‘beast mode’. My ear buds refused to cooperate & stay in my ears so I quickly decided “a music free run it will be!” At mile 1 my pace was 8:03/mile; quick but not all out racing pace. I felt good; although it was warm I felt comfortable! I took advantage of the water stops – sipping & dumping water over my head. 😊 At mile 2 I was pacing myself comfortably at 8:03/mile. Along with mile 3 came lots down hill! 👍 I used it to my advantage holding a 7:42/mile but at the same time remembered that going downhill only meant one thing – the dreaded uphill climb was quickly approaching! I grabbed some Gatorade at and kept moving!! I paced myself on the uphill at a pace of 8:24/mile; feeling good when I reached the top!! At that point I took my 2nd Honey Stinger gel. With just over 2 miles left; I was feeling strong, properly hydrated & determined. I continued running; barely looking at my Garmin – just as I’d done the whole race. I had no idea where I was set to finish time wise & I didn’t care. I was feeling good & finding joy in the run! At mile 5 my pace was a bit quicker at 7:49/mile but I was feeling strong! I thought; just one mile left, “you’ve got this”; just as my Momentum Jewelry motivation wrap reads. I ran that last mile with pure determination; hearing friends yelling my name as I approached the final 800 meters!!! At mile 6 my pace was 7:46/mile. I saw the finish line; heard the crowd cheering & decided to at that point kick it into ‘beast mode’ as I like to call it 😊. That final sprint at 7:19/mile!

beast mode.jpg

I crossed the finish line; hands in the air feeling strong with an overall pace of 7:56/mile. Finishing 129th place out of 1,528 runners in my age group (35 – 39yrs) & 763rd out of 8,833 runners overall!! 😊👍


Although I did not race; this was one of my faster Mini 10k’s & I was pretty happy with that. It felt great to run with no music, no pressure on myself to race at a certain pace & my new sneakers felt AMAZING! These are keepers!! Thankfully; not a repeat of my race 2 weeks ago; no dizzy or dehydrated feeling at the finish line at all. I was handed my medal & flower; some snacks including a pink bagel (which I was very excited about)!

I immediately met up with my biggest supporter; my hubby!!

I made my way through the crowd and picked up my race tee & met up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while! 1st I found Joan !

nyc 2

Then I met up with Sashea; who I met through Instagram a few years back! Our journey’s are very similar; starting with the fact that we both ran our 1st ever race at the More-fitness Half Marathon in April 2009′! Today; we were even “shoe twinning!


I was so excited to see Sashea & I can’t wait to meet her beautiful little girl come September! While chatting with Sashea we saw Joan! We chatted some more & took lots of pics of course!

nyc 17

It was so great to see these amazing ladies & catch up!! I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing, inspiring, supportive fellow runners & friends! It great race & I will definitely be back next year for my 6th Mini!

I even earned this beautiful medal making it my 51st!

medal 51

After leaving the park; Hubby &  I enjoyed a delicious breakfast & walked around the city for a bit before heading to a BBQ at a friends house.

I woke up the next morning feeling full of energy with absolutely no soreness (the benefit of not racing, lol)! 👍 I felt so great Hubby & I spent the whole day outdoors doing a few things we love; kayaking & hiking the beautiful trails!! 💚

nyc 14

  It was a great; relaxing weekend!

nyc 11

Next up NYRR Achilles Hope & Possibility on 6/26.

Do you “race” every race that you register for? What types of cross training do you enjoy while you are not marathon training? Please share. 🙂

As always, THANK YOU for following my journey!!

Mere @meretherunner14


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