Gone Camping!!

Summer has officially arrived & being the nature lovers that we are; there is nothing that we enjoy more than a some extra quality time with nature! 😊 Last Tuesday, I got up bright & early to sneak in a quick run. This was a HOT one!!


I got cleaned up; quickly packed up some clothes & Hubby and I packed up the car with all of our camping necessities & headed north! Our destination; The Catskills Mountains! We reserved a spot there last year, but a nasty rain storm kept up from going. This year was a bit different. We did not have a campsite reserved but after making some calls & doing a bit of research Hubby found many places with available campsites for “walk-ins”. We knew that we wanted to stay on the water because water activities such as kayaking is one of our favorite things to do together. The drive up was beautiful; the scenery became more & more picturesque the further north we went! We pondered stopping to camp somewhere closer but decided to keep going to the Catskill Mountains to a place that we had in mind called Mongaup Lake. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to reach the exit for Mongaup Lake. The road that we took to get to the campground was a winding long road with miles of beautiful trees that lined the streets! We saw beautiful white horses & several beautiful  log cabin homes; which I absolutely love! After miles & miles we reached our campsite. One thing we realized right away – no cell phone service! We notified our families immediately so nobody would worry!! Upon arrival the kind staff gave us the locations of the campsites available & allowed us to drive around & choose our campsite! After driving around for just a couple minutes; we found this perfect campsite right on the lake!! Upon arrival to our campsite ; we were greeted by a family of beautiful ducks that hopped right our of the water & walked up to us as we pitched our tent. We just arrived & already we made some new friends!


After pitching our tent; we headed out to the nearest food store to pick up some food (chicken etc.) to cook at our campsite as well as some snacks & lots of water to stay hydrated.

I was very surprised at the difference in temperature; about 15 degrees cooler than it was at home & that was perfectly fine with me!  The night was much cooler (in the low 60’s); I was thankful I decided to throw that sweatshirt & long pants in my bag at the last minute.

camp 9

Hubby cooked us up a fantastic dinner.

camp 1

We watched the beautiful sunset while staying warm by the campfire.

camp 3

The next day; we woke up bright & early to a breathtaking sunrise.Hubby made us some coffee, we grabbed some water & snacks and rented Kayaks for the day! The scenery out on the water was truly amazing!

camp 2

It was unlike anything I’ve seen before!


While we were kayaking; our friends the ducks came swam over to see us!We were the only ones out in the water & it was relaxing and peaceful at the same time! Exactly what I needed.

We stayed out on the water for a few hours; until we felt like we couldn’t paddle any longer!

love him

We headed back to our campsite and decided to take a walk & do some sightseeing around the campgrounds!


The views were just breathtaking!


We headed back to cook dinner; which was absolutely delicious! I never knew camping food could taste so good, but my hubby is a fantastic cook. We sat around talking about how much we didn’t want to go home, but planned to definitely come to this spot again. It was so relaxing & peaceful & although at 1st I thought having no cell phone to use would bother me; I didn’t mind it one bit!! I enjoyed every moment of the quality time I got to spend with my hubby. It was like the ‘old days’ before cell phones & social media. Thursday arrived; we packed up our things; took down our tent loaded up the car & we were on our way!! We decided if we saw anything interesting on the way back; we’d stop off!! We saw signs for lots of lakes before coming to a sign for Bear Mountain State Park. I had been there with my family when I was little but hadn’t been there in years. I said to hubby “let’s go there.” His reply, “sure!” He is always game for hitting the trails & exploring a new park!! We took a long winding road that took us up and around to the top of the mountain & if I didn’t think the views were amazing before – wow, this was just unbelievable!!


I do have a fear of heights so I made sure to keep my distance from the edge of the rocks!

bear mountain

The view truly looked like a postcard!! Hubby checked out the trail map & found us a trail to hike!! The views from this trail were incredible! Of course we took many pics!! We stayed for a bit before getting back in the car to continue our ride home! Overall this trip was relaxing, peaceful ; included all of my favorite things & it was just perfect! We are already planning our next camping trip; that will be number 4!  Can’t wait to tell you all about our next adventure!!

Do you enjoy camping? What are some of your favorite spots to go camping? Please Share. 



Thank you as always for following my journey!!

Mere @meretherunner14


4 thoughts on “Gone Camping!!

  1. Ashley Dailey says:

    Camping is sooo much fun!! In 2013 my husband, two of his brothers, and myself took a road trip to the Grand Canyon where we camped for the weekend. It was one of the best experience of my life! 😄

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