NYRR Achilles Hope & Possibility – Race Recap

Sunday morning I headed into NYC bright & early to run my 83rd race (28th NYRR race) & believe it or not; my 2nd 4 mile race ever. It was another hot/humid summer day & well we all know how I feel about running in the heat.


However, I did not let that get in the way of what I thought could be a PR for me.

AHP - 2

The only 4 mile race I ever ran was 2 years ago. It was just months after returning to running after a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal of my left foot & I had no time goals. I ran with friends & just enjoyed the race. Today was different; today I set out to beat my best! I was determined to do the best that I possibly could in the heat. Before the start of the race the NYRR director spoke to us, he went through the safety precautions & told us to be careful in the heat. Within minutes the hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes started before each corrall started one by one; I was in corral D. For some reason my Garmin couldn’t find a signal; I realized later this was a blessing in disguise. I ran the first .6 miles with absolutely no idea of what pace I was running. At mile .6; my Garmin finally decided to ‘find me’ & by that point I had already decided that I was racing “watch less.” Hills, heat & humidity but I was feeling good; taking full advantage of the water at the water stops (sipping & pouring it over my head) & running through the sprinklers set up at each mile. As I ran; I was so inspired by the wheelchair athletes, the guides pushing wheelchair athletes, the walkers – it was truly amazing! Yes, it was hot, it was humid, it was tough but I was so completely inspired by each of these amazing athletes that I pushed through with pure determination. I refused to give less than everything I had that day! Along with mile 3 came many uphills as I expected; I paced myself properly hoping for a strong finish. I paced mile 3; I thought ‘just one mile left.” I am not sure where it came from but I got a sudden burst of energy; kicking it into high gear maintaining a pace of 7:08/mile. With just 800 meters left we passed a few volunteers & a crowd of people that yelled “just a half mile to go!” I looked down at my watch & I was still maintaining a pace in the low 7:00’s. The crowds yelled & cheered as we approached the finish line! I crossed the finish line; looked down at my watch & couldn’t believe it – I finished in 31:16 (7:49/mile)!! Nearly a 9 minutes PR!


Yes it was hot, yes it was humid, yes the hills were tough but this girl refused to give up! After recovering from injury after injury over the last 3 yrs: it’s been quite a while since I could say that I PR’d & this is definitely a day I won’t forget. Overall; I felt so strong through this race & I know my sister (my angel) was beside me the whole time & there to see me PR at the 4 mile distance. ❤

After the race; I walked over to pick up my race t-shirt & check out the post-race party where I listened for the winners of the raffles.I didn’t win any prizes but this race was a win in my book!! I headed back to NJ after the race spending the rest of the day with family & friends. My sisters dog; Carter was so proud of his Auntie Mere!

AHP - 1

It was a good day! 😊 I was definitely on a “runners high” for the rest of the day!


I later found out that I placed 16th in my age group out of 444 females 35-39, 130th out of 2,781 females and 845th out of 5,629 runners! This was a fantastic race & I will definitely be back again next year!!!

Thank you as always for following my journey!

Mere @meretherunner14


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