NYRR France 8k – Race Recap

Another hot/humid summer day in NYC. I drove into the city bright and early; called my friend H & we headed to Central Park for our long run. I was running the France 8k as part of my long run so I decided to log a few miles before. I logged 2 miles in the park with my amazing friend Haley before looping around to head back to the starting line & wait for the race to begin.


My only goal for this race was to enjoy the run. I had no time goals as I was using this toward a 12 mile long run while earning credit toward my 9 + 1 for TCS NYC Marathon 2016. I took my place in my corral and minutes later the Star Spangled Banner was sung. Halfway through the song; it started to rain. In minutes we were off! By mile two it started to downpour and my sneakers began to fill with water. They got heavier and heavier with each mile! I had no goal time so my only goal at this point was to finish without slipping. I refused to give up no matter how heavy my sneakers got. I kept moving! I crossed the finish line, took a quick photo and tried to dump some of the water out of my wet shoes.

I was soaked & it was more humid than it was before the race began, but I knew my work was not done! I had a few more miles to go to complete my 12 mile run so I got to it. I continued running in Central Park in & logged my 12 miles! Not a bad pace for running in soaked clothes. πŸ™‚


After I completed my run; I met up with Haley & we grabbed some protein smoothies before heading back to her place to watch the Men’s Olympic Marathon. H was nice enough to give me dry clothes to change into so I didn’t have to drive home completely drenched! She’s such a good friend!

By the time I left the city; the sun was shining and it was just beautiful outside!


It was a good day!! Next up – 5th Avenue Mile!

Thank you as always for following my journey!! @meretherunner14


Neptune City 5K Race Recap – 1ST in Age Group

A little behind with my race recaps – racing, marathon training and a busy work schedule have kept me from blogging as much as I’d like to. Thinking back to August 6th; a cloudy, humid morning. As many 5k’s/races as I’ve done – this distance still gives me the pre-race jitters. The thought of going all out for a shorter distance gets my nerves going, but I continue to register for them constantly testing my limits!! It was a hot/muggy morning – high humidity so I quickly took the pressure off myself by simply saying to myself “Be safe let’s see how this goes in the heat – listen to your body!” Before the race start we all said the Pledge of Allegiance. I took my spot at the front of the pack & within minutes we were off. It was hot/humid so I made sure to pace myself! I was feeling good at mile 1 and continued to pace myself through mile 2. With 1 mile left, I picked up the pace a bit in hopes of a strong finish. I don’t run well in heat/humidity but I crossed the finish in 23:07 feeling strong!


I felt like I still had something left in the tank & that was a good sign considering I had my long run the next day!!

I found my hubby & we headed over to check the results. I placed 1st in my age group, 4th female and 24th overall.


I received my medal on stage and after I went to breakfast with my hubby to celebrate. I am so thankful for his constant support!!



Next up – NYRR France 8k.

Thank you as always for following my journey! @meretherunner14