3 things that helped me run my fastest marathon in 5 years – 5th BQ!


18 days ago I ran my 12th marathon & fastest marathon in 5 years earning my 5th BQ. After my marathon, I looked back and jotted down everything I did differently this time & what worked. Below I am sharing 3 things that I did differently this time that I haven’t done or done as well in past years. I believe that they truly made a difference this time around!

1.) No Pressure.
After running Boston in 2013′; I immediately jumped back into training only to end up completely fatigued. Running began to feel like a chore & I was burnt out and soon after injured then injured again. This time I took a different approach – I stuck to my plan but instead focused on running for joy! Yes, I had paces I needed to hit in my workouts but I took my training day by day & run by run & guess what? I got that BQ!!

2.) Treat Yo-self
My diet is super healthy, it has been for years. A healthy diet is so important while marathon training but in the past I restricted myself from cheating at all! This time – I allowed myself that Sunday night post run glass of wine, I allowed myself that slice of pizza πŸ• once a week & if I wanted some fries 🍟or Froyo – I had it! 🍦

3.) Hit Snooze (allowing myself extra zzzzz)
Sleep – extremely important for marathoners! Our muscles rebuild while we are sleeping – skimping on sleep will not benefit you in any way while training!Β  Every Friday night; I went to bed without setting my alarm – allowing myself to sleep 10, 11 and sometimes 12 hours into Saturday morning. It was glorious!!!

Do you treat yourself while you are training or do you follow a super strict diet?

Do you also allow yourself a sleep in day?

What changes have worked well for you?

Thank you as always for following my journey! Mere @meretherunner14

2 thoughts on “3 things that helped me run my fastest marathon in 5 years – 5th BQ!

  1. Jess (JessRunsHappy) says:

    Love these tips! Sleep is the number one thing I know I need to work on – I notice a HUGE improvement in my performance when I’m well-rested. Now if only I could get the cats to leave me alone for an uninterrupted 10+ hour streak! lol πŸ˜‰

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