Boston Marathon 2018 Race Recap

Well here I am 7 months later finally getting a chance to post this recap & I can say Boston Marathon definitely lived up to it’s expectations! I still don’t have the words to describe this day, but I can say that this race goes in the books as a day I will never forget for more reasons than one! Strong winds, pouring rain & freezing cold temps greeted us on the morning of April 16th! Hubby and I packed up the car early Friday morning; stopped off at my chiropractors office for one last adjustment before the bug day & hit the road! We were Boston Bound & I was so excited! This would be my 2nd Boston Marathon; 1st since running in 2013′. So many emotions as we drove up to Beantown! After years of trying to earn my ticket to Boston; in April of 2017′ – I finally ran my 5th BQ & that earned me my spot! I still remember getting the news & learning of the 3:23 cutoff). I headed to Boston this year with big goals in mind! I heard bad things about the weather, but refused to check! I refused to let that be the one thing that worried me all weekend! After a 4 1/2 hour drive; we arrived in Boston!! Our 1st stop was the finish line. I visited Boston in July while on vacation but prior to that my last time there was when I crossed the finish in 2013′. So many emotions as I stood there at the finish line. As I walked over to it; I got choked up.


After visiting the finish line; we headed to the expo! I couldn’t believe this was happening; as I picked up my race bib – I got choked up. So much hard work over the last five years brought me to this moment & I was so thankful. 💙💛 After picking up my bib; I took a walk around the expo – checking out everything & doing lots of shopping!


This time; I promised myself I’d purchase a lot so can remember this special event for years to come. We made lots of purchases and took lots of photos before heading over to our hotel to check in.


Saturday arrived & we were up early & off to Boston Common for the BAA 5k. I chose not to register for the 5k so that I could rest up for Monday, but my hubby ran! We arrived early & met up with friends who were also running! We took some pics before everyone headed over to the starting line for the start of the race! I stood there as thousands of people passed by; so excited for this amazing event! I quickly headed over to the finish line to watch from there hoping to see some friends crossing the finish line! While I was watching for hubby, I ran into Karen; a friend on Instagram! It was so awesome to finally meet her! Then I saw Jennifer & Jeff; they ran the race together! I stood by the fence cheering; watching for Damian & there he was!! I yelled, I cheered, I snapped photos & took a video of him as he crossed the finish line of his 7th 5k! I am so proud of him!


After the race; we met up with my friend Wayne! Wayne and I met at the 2013′ NYC Marathon & have kept in touch since! Wayne has played a huge role in my training and has helped me get to where I am now always offering advice! It was so great to see him & catch up after 5 years!  Saturday after the race; my brother & law and sister in law would be arriving in Boston to join us so we headed back to our hotel & waited for them to arrive! We had plans to visit the Sam Adams Brewery when they arrived so that’s exactly what we did! I am not a beer drinker, but I had to try some of the 26.2 Brew!


We checked out the souvenir shot before heading out & over to Heartbreak Run Company! This was on my list of places to check out while visiting. Such an awesome store & the staff was really kind! Of course we took some pics outside of the store!


After walking around for a bit, we headed back to our hotel to grab some dinner & continue carb loading! Sunday morning arrived, it was cold & windy! I headed outside for one last shakeout run before the big day! So many thoughts were going through my mind! So much excitement; I kept asking myself “am I really running Boston tomorrow?” “Is this a dream?” I finished up my shakeout run & headed inside to the hotel gym where Jess was working out! We chatted about our plans for the day & & about the nasty weather in the forecast for Marathon Monday. I headed up to my room & hubby and I decided to head out for a bit. I didn’t want to do much walking as I knew I needed to save my energy. We grabbed a bite to eat, visited the finish line one last time before the big day and met up with Kyla! Kyla and I have followed one another on Instagram for over 5 years! It was so amazing to finally meet her IRL! She is super sweet & so inspiring! We took lots of pics, chatted a bit & wished each other good luck! Before hubby and I headed back to our hotel; we took some pics, did a bit of shopping (I finally found the Boston Marathon hoodie I had been searching for all week) then we picked up ponchos because we knew there was lots of rain headed our way on Monday.


We arrived back to our hotel & met up with Jess and Mike for dinner. As I looked at the menu; I thought carbs, carbs, carbs! I had been carbing up the last few days – having packed many foods from home to avoid trying anything new! I decided to go with chicken & plain pasta with a side of Italian bread for dinner! After dinner, I headed up to my room to prepare for race day. I questioned my outfit of choice several times. With a forecast in the high 30’s/low 40’s with strong gale force winds & rain – I wondered if shorts and a tank top was a bad idea? Will I be warm enough? Am I putting myself at risk for hypothermia? Should I wear pants instead? Will I be uncomfortable running in pants? Will the heavy, wet clothes slow me down!? I had no idea what to do, but decided to go with the shorts, tank top, compression socks & hat and play it by ear! I had a hard time falling asleep that night! I felt completely full of energy; restless! Maybe it was all the carbs? Maybe it was my nerves? Maybe all the excitement? I finally managed to fall asleep; only getting about 5 hours of sleep today. I woke up feeling good; excited & ready to conquer whatever it was that mother nature threw our way! I got up, got dressed, kissed hubby good bye & headed downstairs to catch the shuttle to Boston Common where we would get picked up to be taken to Hopkinton! Upon arrival, I quickly headed over to meet Alisa (an IG friend who I’d finally get to meet IRL) at her hotel; it was pouring buckets, windy & freezing so we waited inside before taking an Uber to where we could catch the bus. We checked in our baggage & quickly hopped on the bus. While on the bus; I decided it would be a good idea to run in tights rather than shorts so I quickly threw them over my shorts! I wondered if all these layers; including a long sleeve top & a poncho would be too much but I figured if it was I would throw it off before I started!


We arrived to Hopkinton in about 30 minutes! It was pouring & we even saw a mix of snow! It was freezing, windy and just plain awful weatherwise!  As we walked over to the tents; all you saw were huge puddles & lots of mud everywhere!! It was like nothing I had ever seen before!! Every runner was in a poncho. Runners were sitting on plastic garbage bags, had garbage bags around their sneakers in an attempt to keep them dry – there was just mud everywhere!


We sat and waited under the muddy tent as it poured and mixed with snow! Finally our wave was called & we lined up in our corrals! We were all completely soaked & just laughing as we headed over in our soaking wet clothing, sneakers; almost all in ponchos! Within minutes we were off! Despite the strong winds, pouring rain and cold – I decided I was still going to give the PR a go! Maybe I could hold the pace; maybe I couldn’t but I promised myself – I was leaving it all out there! I started off strong – right on target! I was conquering those fierce winds & feeling fantastic holding between 8:00 – 8:10/mile for the first 13 – 15 miles. Around mile 15, my legs were starting to feel it from pushing through those 40 – 50mph winds. I was pushing but they weren’t powering through as fast! I kept pushing, some miles stronger than others! When I got to Heartbreak – my legs were just toast! I fought hard; refusing to stop, refusing to walk – I pushed through! Wind in my face, pouring rain & wowie quite the hill! I got to the top & just felt so proud of myself for not giving up!


As I ran the final miles of the race, I focused on keeping myself warm, staying in tune with my body & finishing strong! As I turned left onto Boylston, I threw off my poncho & sprinted to the finish of my 2nd Boston Marathon (14th marathon)! Arms in the air & tears in my eyes – I crossed in 3:42:42 running a 29:34 course PR!! 💙💛 It wasn’t the time I trained for but with the conditions that Mother Nature threw our way; how could I be upset? I just crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon!


I left Boston that day feeling proud; feeling like I left everything I had out there on the course & definitely put out a PR effort!




Before Boston I promised myself I’d take the fall off from marathons after running 8 marathons in the last 4 years, but I that definitely changed as last week! One week ago; I put my 15th marathon in the books!! Recap Coming soon!

Have you had to adjust your goals in a race?
Did you feel disappointed after or did you celebrate your achievement?
Thank you as always for following my journey!


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