About Mere

Runner (Marathoner, Trail Runner), Nature Lover, Triathlete, Fitness Enthusiast. Constantly stepping out of my comfort zone; striving to be a better Mere than I was yesterday and hoping to inspire others along the way! 😊 13 x 26.2 (5x BQ), Boston 13′, NYC 13′, 14′, 15′, 17′. PR – 3:33:34, 13.1 x 32 – PR : 1:38:25, 10k PR – 46:37, 5k PR – 19:59! 108 races to date!Β  Fitfluential, Greeciegirl, Quest Ambassador, @RACEPLACE, TeamTiux. Upcoming Marathon –Β  Boston Marathon – 4/16/18!! πŸƒ “Believe that you can and YOU will!” Follow my journey on Instagram at @meretherunner14Β 

3 thoughts on “About Mere

  1. Melissa says:

    Congrats sis! You have a relentless determination that is admirable. When you set your mind to accomplish something , There is nothing you can’t do. Its only a matter of time before those goals become reality and your on to your next endevour. Keep shining as you always do! Luv Ya ⭐️

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