January Miles for Melissa

Last week; I asked the running community to log “Miles for Melissa” for the 3rd month in a row since suddenly losing my sister in October! In November when I started “Miles for Melissa” we logged over 400 miles then again in December over 400 as well! This month; I had a goal of 500 miles and although I wasn’t quite sure if we would make it; I was dreaming big! I asked runners to use the hashtag on Instagram for every run between the dates of 1/29 – 1/31. Runners from all over the globe once again joined in running in groups, running through snow and rain, dedicating their races (marathons) to my sister! I am completely humbled by the number of runners that joined in this month! This month; together as a running community we completely exceeded my goal logging 1,137 miles!! There are no words to express how thankful I am for the kindness and support from runners all over the world! I will continue “Miles for Melissa” every month in memory of my beautiful sister who was a runner herself! Next run will be February 29th.