In November 2010′; I ran my 1st ever marathon in Richmond, VA after running consistently only for one year. I didn’t know what to expect; I was scared.. I asked myself many times “why am I doing this?” “Did I train hard enough?” “Am I ready for this?” I put all those thoughts behind me and gave it my all. I focused solely on enjoying every moment, I met other runners along the way, we chatted, I took in the beautiful foliage around me and just enjoyed the journey. To my surprise; I crossed that finish line in 3:39:25 with a BQ! πŸ™‚ One of the most memorable days ever for me. A girl that every time she was asked if she would ever run a marathon replied with “I can’t do that!” Today I am currently training for my 10th marathon. Believe in yourself and nothing is impossible! ❀

November 2010 – Richmond Marathon

November 2011 – Philadelphia Marathon

April 2012 – NJ Marathon (PR 3:33:34)

April 2013 – Boston Marathon

May 2013 – NJ Marathon

November 2013 – NYC Marathon

November 2014 – NYC Marathon

April 2015 – NJ Marathon

December 2015 – TCS NYC Marathon

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