Tiux Compression Socks

It’s not a sprint ; it’s a marathon.” Running a marathon or any long distance means finding the products that work well for you and help you recover quickly enough to get out there the next day and keep logging those miles. As I recently trained for NYC Marathon ; I was lucky enough to try out Tiux compression socks! In past years; I have purchased numerous brands of compression socks and sleeves in search of the perfect fit. Well I have finally found them! I started by wearing these on a weekday run of 6 miles on the trails, my legs felt great. I barely knew I was even wearing them. After wearing them for several training runs and being extremely pleased with them; it was final I was wearing them for my 9th marathon. One other thing that absolutely sold me on them; the bright colors! So I chose my race outfit to match them and I was ready to run the streets of NYC in style. I ran stronger than ever; no cramping in my calves as I’ve experienced in past races, my legs felt strong and not once fatigued ; which was huge! I crossed the finish line and had absolutely no cramping at all! AMAZING! The next morning I woke up with my legs feeling fantastic, no soreness in my ankles or calves and minimal soreness in my calves. I continue to wear my Tiux socks for every race! I am also a firm believer of wearing them under my work pants the day after a long run and they help my legs feel fresh!! I want to share my love of these socks with you guys so I am extending a couple of discounts to you! #runjumpgo πŸƒπŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ Take advantage of 10% off using promo tiux-5598a4d6 ends 3/31/16.

Happy Running!!

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